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  • Thumbnail image of Rimmel Walk-in Closet

    Rimmel Walk-in Closet

    An aluminum structure made with teak shelves creates this gorgeous wardrobe. Anyone who wants plenty of storage in an elegant environment can appreciate the Rimmel. It is “fully loaded” with panels, shelves, clothes hangers and chests of drawers. Plenty of space for any well addicted shopper .  The back and panels of the closet are available in various […]

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  • Thumbnail image of Mazzali Xian Wardrobe

    Mazzali Xian Wardrobe

    A wardrobe is a beautiful storage solution for anyone needing more space in the bedroom. The Xian Wardrobe, by Mazzali, completes this function as well as adds a bit of class to the room. This elegant furniture is a little over 8.6 ft tall, making it large enough for all of your clothing needs. Well […]

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  • Thumbnail image of Metrica 2

    Metrica 2

    What more could a girl ask for? An elegant, sophisticated walk-in wardrobe. Perfect for people who are or want to be organized. The Metrica 2 has a proper space for everything you have. This wardrobe has specific placing for shoes, accessories, hanging clothes (according to length), drawers and then more! You may need to buy […]

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