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Dolce Gusto: Your Own Personal Coffee Shop

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We all love coffee. What would you say about a personal coffee shop, right in your kitchen? With the futuristic Dolce Gusto it is now possible! The single serve coffee maker makes great Lungo, Aroma, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato Ice, Chococino and three types of espresso. Dolce Gusto does not only look fantastic, it’s smart and user-friendly: equipped with a 15 bar pressure pump and an automatic pressure adjuster, it extracts the best flavors and delivers the drink of your choice the best way it can be prepared. Also, it saves energy by going to stand-by after being idle for more than 20 minutes. Enhanced by a blue LED back light, the modern Dolce Gusto coffee maker comes in 4 colors: white or charcoal gray for € 150, and metal red or grey for € 180. [via]

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