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Dump Coffee Grinds In Your Printer????

riti1 appliances

One of the top 50 entries in the Greener Gadgets Competition, this idea for the RITI Coffee printer offers an

1. Incredibly repulsive way to make a complete mess of your printing jobs.
2. Cheap way to avoid replacing your ink cartridge so soon (why do they run out so fast!)
3. Or a way to green your morning ritual: by turning your old coffee grounds into a sustainable source of ink for your printer.

Gushes Inhabitat: “One of fifty top entries in this year’s  the RITI printer takes the leftover grounds from your morning roast and plugs them into an ink cartridge to create an eco-friendly source of ink. Who would have ever guessed coffee stains could be be so useful!”

Well, no, actually. Coffee grounds are useful. You make earth out of them. That’s about the most important job on the planet for coffee grounds. Composting is about the easiest way to find the best use for coffee grounds.

But here is how this thing works, supposedly…
riti2 appliances
Supposedly you are so buzzed with your coffee that you want to try and first get your grounds into this tiny container (quite a messy job in itself), and then scrape the little plastic holder from side to side to squeeze out the, um, “ink” while it prints.

Hosted by Core77 and Inhabitat, this year’s Greener Gadgets Design Competition resulted in an incredible crop of innovative consumer electronics designs, but  Jeon Hwan Ju’s RITI printer is not one of them.

From InHabitat

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