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Innovative Energy-Efficient Fan Has No Blades

Dyson Fan appliances
The all-time best vacuum cleaner genius inventor is Dyson. But the vacuum cleaner is for sucking stuff in efficiently. Now he turns his attentions to efficiently blowing air out.

And as a result he has come up with a completely original fan. You have never seen a fan like this, I’ll bet. There are no blades at all like on regular fans. Dyson’s newest invention is a completely bladeless room fan called the Air Multiplier.

This is a totally new, innovative approach to moving air efficiently, powered by a motor like a jet turbine or a turbocharger. What is more amazing is that this actually blows relatively little air, yet multiplies it 15-fold to 118 gallons of air a second. Now that is true energy efficiency. Apparently the wind it generates feels like a natural breeze.

But, to be honest – the part I like best? How super easy this fan would be to keep clean! I have a really disgustingly dusty fan in the basement – that I never use because I’m too lazy to clean all those grills and blades and bits and pieces on the damn thing.

So many industrial designers forget about hassle factor, but it is important. So this invention gets my Bad Housekeeping Award.

Source: Fast Company

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