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3D Manufacturing Creates Mythical Reindeer Lookout

reindeer award4 architecture

Using digital 3D-models driving milling machines, an incredible shaped and contoured wooden pavillion has been constructed, to serve as a reindeer observation platform, in Norway’s Dovrefjell National Park.

With the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre Pavilion, Snøhetta Oslo AS architects make history. This kind of construction was never before possible.

reindeer award2 architecture

An almost mythical appearance is created by the resulting organic wooden inner shape, behind the reflecting wall of glass that seems to contain the sky.

The mythical appearance is appropriate, because Norwegian legends, myths, poetry, and music have long celebrated the mystic and eternal qualities of this powerful site in the Dovre mountains.

reindeer award3 architecture

Very advanced 21st century computer-aided technologies were used both in the design and the construction process.

Norwegian shipbuilders in Hardangerfjord built the pavilion using digital 3D-models to drive the milling machines.

reindeer award5 architecture

The rectangular frame is made in raw steel resembling the iron found in the local bedrock, and the exterior wall has been treated with pine tar.

The quality and durability of the materials must withstand the harsh climate without maintenance in the isolated mountains.

reindeer award 01 architecture

The organic shape is built up from 10 inch square pine timber beams.

Once milled and matched into the undulating shape, the wood was then assembled in a traditional way using only wood pegs as fasteners, and oiled to maintain the wood.
reindeer award 9 architecture

The spectacular panorama, 1,200 meters above sea level, is home to Europe’s last wild reindeer herds.

The entrance to the mysterious structure recreates the natural organic shaping of wood as it grows on a tree, yet the rectangular steel frame clearly says “human-built” – as if to warn off curious reindeer.

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