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A Lizard’s Basking Spot at the Desert’s Edge

longhi4 architecture
There is a truly fantastic architectural primer in the guise of a children’s book, called Need a House? Call Ms Mouse.

Here is The Lizard’s house right out of that book: Sand – rock – sun and sea.

In the gorgeously illustrated book, Ms. Mouse designs a variety of houses custom-designed to be beloved by very different clients such as – for as The Beaver -  a well stocked houseboat for fishing, for The Mole – a secure and comforting underground lair. For the Nouveau Riche Piggy, well, you can imagine…

This beach house at the edge of the arid Peruvian desert is almost exactly what Ms Mouse prescribed for her lizard client, to bask on the rocks in the hot desert sun.

Clean lines. Hard edges. Basking ledges.

longhi2 architecture

The sand garden roofs on this home extends the South American desert right out over the cliffs.

Like rock pools caught high on the cliff, lap and recreation pools connect the ocean with the house.

longhi3 architecture
A glass box hangs from the structure, suspended over the ocean like a drop of water.

longhi1 architecture
So – does your client have a secret lizard nature? Or is he or she more of a mole? Uncover the underlying psychological nature of each client and you will create truly great architecture.

And publishers? Why has this incredible architectural primer not been reprinted? From Amazon:

“Please, someone in the publishing business . . . check out the reviews here . . . and think about reissuing this book. My friend and I loved this book and it also became a victim of being loaned or lost. (She blames me, I blame her . . . it’s ugly!) Everywhere I’ve looked for old copies, this little book runs $150-350. My friend also went to UC Berkeley, and became an architect and this book played a key role in her later interest. “

Photographs: Cholon Photography
Architects: Longhi Architects
Via Architercture Daily

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  1. brett Says:

    ohhh that book ..it touched an architectural nerve in me too. Author Mendoza I think

  2. Bobe Says:

    Ohhh, what an eyesore. Another perfectly good landscape spoiled by loud “art”.

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