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A Bleak Concrete House for the Ages?

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BAK Arquitects have built a family home on sand dunes on the coast of Buenos Aires near the city.

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Lit up like a lantern at night, the transparent house looks inviting.

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It is an L shaped house with a public wing and a sleeping wing.

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Per the clients wishes, it is the utmost in austerity, built entirely in concrete.

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The all-concrete kitchen furniture allows for no mistakes or design revisions.

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Both the workbench and table surfaces are honed to a high sheen.

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A concrete table extended into a dining area off the workbench in the kitchen will never be able to be moved an inch this way or that.

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One hopes this concrete built-in furniture won’t go out of style any time soon: concrete structures built in Ancient Rome are still around 20 centuries later.

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The utterly plain master bedroom at the end of the L has a private view.

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The utmost in simple shelters, even the master bedroom appears to have no way to hang up even one garment.

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Only in the bathroom is all the concrete relieved by a splash of color and the contrast of white fixtures.

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The red appears to have been a sliding door to the shower.

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Outside are two showers for returning beachcombers.

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The house is for a couple and their three children.

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Each child’s bedroom includes a guest bed to allow friends to stay on extended beach vacations.

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The concrete retains the imprint of the wood forms used in casting it.

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These huge slabs of cast concrete for walls and roofs are the only structural elements other than glass.

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