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A-Cero Composes a Luxurious Prefab in Chic Black and White

A Cero1 architecture
Most prefab builders have a more down-to-earth appeal, but A-Cero’s Joaquín Torres takes the best of clean commercial construction-simplifying materials and mass production techniques like SIPS and then employs these with such elegance that the result seems actually quite luxurious.

A Cero6 architecture

The result is almost other worldly. His prefab house appears on its site like a science fiction apparition of houses of the future.

A Cero2 architecture

A very restricted color palette both inside and out makes these prefabs very chic – simply uncompromisingly black and white.

A Cero4 architecture
The result is a brisk, clean aesthetic. Yet it costs no more than other prefabs.

A Cero5 architecture
Prefab modular housing is an idea that seems so obvious and necessary, yet, somehow, it never quite takes off. But that is not for want of trying. Though typecast as an architect only for the rich, Joaquín Torres directs the architecture studio A-Cero, with his collaborating associate Rafael Llamzares,  with the aim of creating beauty for the many.

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