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A Glamourous Beach Vacation Home in the Antilles

28 architecture

This refreshing and bold Caribbean beach house was designed to showcase Anguilla as a world class luxury destination.

38 architecture

Sited in glorious Meads Bay, Anguilla, it has a bit of an old world glamour in its subtle Art Deco detailing.

68 architecture

Its 1930s revival of Art Deco suggests stars from the golden age of Hollywood lounging about.

117 architecture

Boldly stated white portico columns striding out to the horizon claim its airspace.

107 architecture

These columns also act as fountains.

48 architecture

The entrance celebrates your arrival with pomp – local teak wood gates introduce you to a parade of palms.

58 architecture

A slash of turquoise glass marks a walkway set in the white stucco, echoing the bright hues of the sea against the white sand.

78 architecture

Brilliant, clean and fresh, the interiors too are all white, as pure as the white sand beaches beyond and the perfect foil to the Caribbean skies.

89 architecture

A long soak in the tub allows a view out over limitless turquoise horizons.

95 architecture

The pristine detailing indoors is elegant, crisp and cool.

118 architecture

From the walkway, connecting the sleeping quarters upstairs, views out are glamourous.

133 architecture

So, is Meade Bay, Antilles a world class tourist destination? I’d say!

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