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A Luxurious yet Subtle House in Paradise

q7 architecture

A simply gorgeous house in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico from Elias Rizo Arquitectos makes very adroit use of texture and color.

q5 architecture

Designed with a sensitivity to the incredible setting, the architect uses delicacy and restraint.

q6 architecture

The result is a featherweight touch that does not interfere with serene and stunning views.

q17 architecture

The subtle shades of lavender to blue and turquoise washes are what you see, not look-at-me architecture.

q1 architecture

The front of the house is completely open to the vast ocean.

q2 architecture

Wooden baffles break up the stucco for an appealing texture and color contrast.

q11 architecture

From inside, these also act to frame the infinite views.

q9 architecture

Contrasting with the infinite airy and watery blues and greens of the setting, indoors there is a sumptuous and earthy decor.

q8 architecture

Here the comfort of an abundance of natural colors, soft textures and thick woods draw the attention from the infinite back  to the immediate.

q10 architecture

An entire chunk of a single sunbleached driftwood tree trunk is brought inside as if it is sculpture.

q12 architecture

In one blissfully escapist bedroom a gorgeous palette of soft naturals is offset by dark woods and rich suede.

Beyond the wooden shutters, a bath is bathed in light from above.

q13 architecture

In the interior, a screen wall of teak marks off the sleeping area from the ensuite.

q14 architecture

Other bathrooms are glossy and cool, smooth and silky marble and glass, while continuing the natural shades throughout.

q15 architecture

One bathroom has a heavenly shower that overlooks the vast blue waters beyond.

q16 architecture

All the bedrooms feature these same soft natural colors and the warm “dry” textures of softness and comfort, contrasting whites and naturals against the rich dark woods.

q3 architecture

The first welcome glimpse of the ocean is seen as you approach the generous gate, that swings open as you approach.

q4 architecture

This high and wide gated entry continues the local colonial style inherited from 17th century Spain, where doors into courtyards were made ample enough to ride into the courtyard on horseback.

It’s a house that is both warm and cool, both comforting and inspiring, a luxurious and yet subtle house in paradise

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