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A Serene and Luxurious Escape in Batangas

c house 1 architecture
A vacation home with a simple and unusual layout, arranged around a canyon-like narrow view piercing its center, is the first house designed by Philippines-based architecture firm Archipelago. A real estate developer commissioned it as a weekend residence in Punta Fuego, Batangas, Philippines.
Batangas 1 architecture

The vacation house forms a cross shape when seen from the street. Little can be seen of the house, other than the glimpse right through the center.

Batangas 2 architecture

But inside, the narrow canyon opens up with an overwhelming jolt of sea view. The client’s brief was for a modern, serene and luxurious oasis to retreat from the city.

Batangas 3 architecture

Keeping the restraint of the narrow canyon is an unusual approach to a view. The cross shape seen from the street is repeated in plan.

Batangas 4 architecture

From the sides, the central stair is seen here as part of the rooms, both connecting and separating them.

Batangas 6 architecture

Throughout the cavernous but light interior, a quietly luxurious combination of Travertine stone is played against stark white.

Batangas 5 architecture

The restrained palette continues into the kitchen.

Batangas 7 architecture

Intersected by the central stairway, all of the living spaces are treated as one large room, which leads out to a veranda, deck and pool.

Batangas 8 architecture

The stair volume runs continuously from the street down into the water.

Batangas 9 architecture

It succeeds as an escapist dream, all with stunning views of Nasugbu Bay and the South China Sea.

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    I love the pics I want a house like that! This is a great post I very much enjoyed reading and the pictures I love them. Simple yet perfect! Great

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