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A Spacious and Peaceful Minimalist Home

soufujimoto1 architecture
Here is an interesting way to literally capture the maximum space on a lot and make a home private while simultaneously appearing to be completely open to the public gaze:

Inside this outer shell creating a covered semi indoor garden is a semi enclosed smaller shell — and only inside that interior shell is this enclosed living space for two people and a dog.

soufujimoto2 architecture
Since the outer box completely fills the lot, the size of the 3rd house shell is not as small as you might imagine. By capturing the lot’s entire cubic space –straight up from the perimeter of the lot, the architect defined the property in an unusual way as a box within which the actual house is artfully hidden.

Completely private, yet apparently blithely open and with views to the skies on all sides.

I love the way the “windows” cut in the stucco roof are made exactly the same way as the windows cut in the stucco walls. It really suggests a box with holes simply cut out of it. A simplistic minimalism, enhanced by the completely milky white stucco of the entire project.

soufujimoto3 architecture
House N by Sou Fujimoto Architects is cleverly designed to create complete privacy, peace and tranquility in a suburban setting that does not usually lend itself to such a luxury. A great achievement.

By Sou Fujimoto Architects in the town of Oita, Japan

Photos by Iwan Baan.
Via Digsdigs

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