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A Summer House on Andros Island

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The roadside view of Embassies House contrasts the rock walls of ancient Greek traditions with the severe lines of modern architecture.

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But the private garden side of the summer house is breathtakingly sculptural – carving bold white forms against the blue skies of the mediterranean.

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Athens-based KLAB Architects  achieve a delicate balance between tradition and modernity.

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A fabric canopy shelters an open courtyard against a building that hints at a Greek monastery.

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At the top of a hill on the rocky coastline, the house is surrounded by a 360-degree view all around.

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The varied shades of rock lichens in the same muted palette as the stone wall provide the only landscaping in the arid landscape of Andros Island.

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These nearby rocks are chopped up to form walls and pathways…

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… and the remainder are ground up to form the gravel roofs for this guest house and the main house.

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KLAB (Kinetic LABoratory) Architects was founded by Konstantinos Labrinopoulos and just voted among the top 50 young architecture firms by Wallpaper.

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