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A Warm Mixed Limestone House Overlooks Lake Zurich

Bild 005

Sublime and soaring shapes in poured-in-place limestone concrete ennoble a stunning house in Zurich.

520 architecture

The house would be a little too spartan if it was grey concrete, but the warmth of this thick and creamy color makes the shapes sculptural.

147 architecture

Entered on the side from a hillside overlooking the panoramic view of Lake Zurich, it presents a noncommittal face to the street.

Bild 006

The open plan living and dining room overlooks the panoramic view (not shown) of the lake and the alps.

419 architecture

An interesting idea.

Next to the front door, a glass door to a private courtyard can be locked when privacy is needed.

Bild 019

Inside that private courtyard, two trees are as precious as priceless sculptures.

Kleb_ 0008

Seen from a relaxing soak in a tub through a floor to ceiling glass wall, the trees create a private courtyard view within the light-washed walled enclosure.

Kleb_ 0003

Carefully crafted cabinetry yields some elegant secrets.

Kleb_ 0025

The typical “under the sink” drawer appears to be between the sinks. And another next to the towel rack? In any case, well separated from the plumbing underneath.

819 architecture

The warm reds and yellows of fire is set off against a linear black cutout in the white wall.

A very quiet private house.

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