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A Wood Spirit Haven in Mist-Shrouded Bolinas

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A spirited and thoughtful home on the rugged and foggy coast of northern California has been gently created by Dumican Mosey/Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders.

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The aged wood dwelling offers only the most minimal disturbance of nature.

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The use of naturally aged wood is central to the aesthetic in this region, as is the sense of a home as a spiritual space.

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Thus the house embraces both rough-hewn timbers in the near-natural state and mist-weathered redwood found in the region.

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Exposed trusses of weathered timbers are used to prop up the steeply angled roof.

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The architect-builders sensitively incorporate bold connecting braces into the bare-it-all architecture.

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A central skylight at the apex of the roof brings a wistful light into the deepest recesses of the home.

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A central hearth is at the heart of the dwelling.

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This area on the foggy California coast is famously known for housing Wiccans, New Age pagans, left-over hippies and greying revolutionaries.

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This kind of client has more than the average appreciation for handcrafted and artisanal architecture.

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No doubt they appreciate the craftsmanship of the fine woodworking detailing throughout this lovely and thoughtful home that is so in wonderfully emblematic of its regional aesthetic.

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