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An Austere Private Home in Japan Invites Meditation

Form Gable House1 architecture

Here is yet another reticent home hidden in plain view from Form/ Kouichi Kimura. Their Gable House is located in Shiga, Japan.
Form Gable House13 architecture
The site is in an uninviting urban setting, on a heavily traveled main road. But the clients hoped to create a serene retreat.

Form Gable House9 architecture
So, the entrance shields the house interior from view. The light coming into this front entrance comes through these openings in the roof.

Form Gable House2 architecture
By day, that light creates an infinite view as daylight bounces off the exterior privacy wall.

Form Gable House3 architecture
The interior is drenched by a cool light from above.

Form Gable House4 architecture
Instead of windows out, revealing the uninviting exterior of industrial street views, light is everywhere poured down from skylights.

Form Gable House5 architecture
So this entrance doubles as an austere meditation space/living room.
Form Gable House6 architecture
Set up stairs from the open living area, at the entrance to the private part of the house, is a study.

Form Gable House10 architecture
The study retreats back from the main living space, creating an inviting space to read.
Form Gable House14 architecture
Behind the study is the simple kitchen.

Form Gable House12 architecture

To the other side of the study, the bedroom.

Form Gable House11 architecture
From the bedroom the view is also serene and peaceful.

Form Gable House7 architecture

Hallways to the bedroom also open onto drenched skylight views.
Form Gable House8 architecture

Kimura has proved to be adept at providing many tranquil views within a small space, in circumstances where the world outside is harsh and uninviting.

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