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An Exuberant First Home Overlooking Thailand’s Andaman Ocean

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A stunning first home by DBALP in Thailand’s popular Phuket region has a modern vocabulary with simple geometry.

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Like many ocean viewing homes, the public entertaining space occupies the top floor.

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This top floor expands out to an outdoor piazza for entertaining.

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But that stunning piazza is entered from a very discrete and non revealing entry.

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The house opens out in front towards the glorious Andaman Ocean from atop a high cliff.

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Designed for a family of four with three dogs, elegance meets ease of upkeep in this sleek and simple masterpiece.

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Nothing detracts from its sublime vista.

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A powerful and peaceful space.

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Its long and narrow frontage maximizes the ocean view.

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Dining is placed front and center of the first home for these clients, an expat couple from Hong Kong.

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Intriguingly, a raised level beyond the lowered ceiling in front creates a more conversational ambiance on a semi private mezzanine.

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The fully glazed front of the house is open to the sea air.

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Underneath the public floor, the master bedroom faces the sea but with the master bathroom to the back of the house, overseeing a peaceful courtyard.

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The children’s bedrooms are to the right, and the master bedroom to the left downstairs.

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To the side of the children’s bedrooms, a lovely stairway exits to a small terraced lawn.

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Altogether a very confident and exuberant first home for a fortunate family.

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