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An Open Central Pavilion for the Sultry Brazilian Climate

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We’ve seen clerestories before but what an extraordinary soaring space!

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The secret is that this is not a glazed window at all, but an open pavilion space under a separate suspended roof.

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The house by Andrade Morettin Arquitetos Associados is located on a vast stretch of land in Avaré, 250 kilometers from São Paulo, Brazil.

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Overlooking the shoreline of the Avaré reservoir, 250 km from Sao Paulo, the house frames its views in various ways.

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The central pavilion space is the focal center of the home.
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The architects, Andrade Morettin Arquitetos Associados say that the vastness of the landscape, characterized by scarce vegetation, suggested a discreet structure.
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The long and low building is barely visible from a distance.
The central open pavilion space provides both the entrance and the social space of the house in the tropical climate.
A covered walkway along the front connects the sleeping rooms set up as a series of separate spaces, while collecting rainwater.
10 architecture
The unusually long structure houses four adults and eight children.

And each of the bedrooms along this walkway are accessed from the covered porch extending the length of the dwelling, allowing all to extend a goodnight to each in turn.

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