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An Unusual Jewelers House in the German Alps

kor haus 11 architecture

This house has a typically German approach to bold, pragmatic, clean design that connects with nature in every room.

roeder haus 1 architecture

As you enter, the first surprise. A gigantic square in the roof brings the gigantic power of the sky right into the entry foyer.

kor haus 2 architecture

As entirely open and airy as the foyer, the bathrooms and the kitchen are just as connected to the sky and the landscape as the entry way.

kor haus 10 architecture

The client, jewelry designer Georg Spreng, had lived in Canada on a huge plot of land that inspired his respect for the might of nature and the insigificance of man – and wanted to express it.

kor haus 09 architecture

Here, on a southwestern slope of the German Alps, Kaestle Ocker Roeder Architects built him this very unconventional, open and airy home and studio.

kor haus 6 architecture

The architects knew how to playfully exploit the openness of the client to novelty.

kor haus 3 architecture

Conventions of living, but also architectural conventions, “how to do something,” were abandoned.

ocker roeder haus 2 architecture

There is an unusual use of materials, like the two storied wall of curtains.

kor haus 5 architecture

The curtains are made of a silvery, shiny material that was originally developed for Einklei binding of scaffolding.

kor haus 04 architecture

There is a playfulness to the unique bathroom where expectations and self-evident truths are “out-terfragt”.

kor haus 05 architecture

Dashes of sensible, pragmatic, bold color defines the clean white spaces throughout, providing the perfect foil for a jewelers studio.

kor haus 1 architecture

The walls are white, but color is used to comment humorously on the many practical adaptations like the jewelers chairs pushed far into the workbench.

door architecture

Color is also used to mark the transition to the sleeping rooms with a deep cobalt sided staircase.

kor haus 03 architecture

The plaster has a high clay content and works just like a rammed earth wall for moisture control. And as unconventional as it may be in this neighborhood, the house fits here.

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