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An Unusual Treatment of Views: Bohermore House

Bohermore house 1 architecture
Boyd Cody Architects designed this beautifully proportioned house, set in a vast open space in Bohermore, Ireland. The simple interior is entirely revealed in glass-veiled layers.

Bohermore house 2 architecture

The very simple plan house is only open to the vast space it is set in, towards the front, providing a view for the dining room, on the left, and the living room on the right. There are no windows in the sides of each cube.

Bohermore house 3 architecture

But surprisingly, rooms behind these ones also piggyback the view to the front: by looking right through the two front rooms.

Behind the dining room courtyard: the kitchen, and behind the living room courtyard: the bedroom sees right through to the front.
Bohermore house 41 architecture

That means that this view back from the living room to the bedroom lacks privacy, but the space between the two rooms framed in chunky walls and the unusually proportioned door creates a lovely space.

Through the bedroom to the back there is no view, but a short courtyard and another wall. Here’s why.

Bohermore house 9 architecture
The wall behind the bedroom backs onto this very minimal entrance at the street side of the house. By severely restricting which walls have windows, a simple series of lovely shapes can be made.

Bohermore house 6 architecture

The unusual layout does not restrict light at its inner central hallway. Here, viewed from the bedroom/kitchen hall at the back, it is open and airy, fully day lit by the kitchen and dining room windows.

Bohermore house 5 architecture
The kitchen seems abruptly cut off by the curtain wall of glass. But in fact the door exits onto a courtyard between it and the dining room – creating another dining area outside.

Bohermore house 8 architecture
To the front of the house, on the left, the dining room has a long unobstructed view. The kitchen courtyard is to its right. Despite the rather cramped looking plan, it still has plenty of open view and light.

Bohermore house 7 architecture

The unusual layout with the surprisingly modest size of the interior courtyards can be seen here in this view of the green roof on top. It is a remarkably inward-looking house set in the midst of such vast open spaces. But there is method in the madness.

Altogether, it’s a very interesting and unusual layout that works.

Via Arch Daily

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