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Another iT House Snaps together in the California Desert

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Designed for living lightly on the land, the iT House from Taalman Koch is a prefab erected in the desert lands of Pioneer Town, California.

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7The design system utilizes a series of components prefabricated off-site.

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Entirely constructed of lightweight aluminium and glass, this simple prefab snaps together in a trice.

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Well, maybe not quite a trice! But certainly it is much faster. Prefabrication offsite definitely minimizes a building’s impact, which is especially helpful in undisturbed desert sites.

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A prefab construction technique also ensures better control the construction waste, labor, and quality of the finished product.

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Far out in the desert, solar panels and with battery storage provide the electricity.

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The simplest possible easy living open plan of the iT House brings plentiful light into every space.

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The floor plan creates room-sized glass units with plenty of sun and cross-ventilation for each aspect of the house.

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The desert can get surprisingly cold at night. The thermal mass  of the polished concrete floor can ‘breathe in’ warm sunshine all day, and ‘breathe out’ at night.

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Unlike many prefab companies, Talman Koch has succeeded in getting quite a few versions of this simple prefab erected at sites around California and elsewhere.

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