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Benign ‘See-Through’ Renovation in Singapore from Wallflower

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This charming little townhouse is a renovation of an old Singapore Mews house that was extraordinarily poorly designed.

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This was its barely liveable windowless floor plan! Ripe for a radical makeover, but how to do that while staying within the long, narrow, windowless exterior wall?

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With too many walls, and no light from each side, none of the rooms were liveable.

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Here is the makeover proposed by Singapore’s Wallflower Architecture and Design.

Note the square courtyard in its center (10).

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This central courtyard lights up all three ‘rooms’ to each side, the living the dining, and…

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…the bedroom.

The light from the one small courtyard gets recycled between all three ‘rooms’.

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That one change, by bringing light down into the center of the long space makes all the difference to the house.

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Then, the architects opened up the entire back wall of the house, so light comes in from the back garden.

Previously, the perfunctory yard was entered by a tiny foyer off to the side of a closed room, so absolutely no light could enter from the back yard.

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Now a simple and elegant gallery kitchen area in the main space offers direct egress to the back garden.

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Similarly, the poky front of the house had no privacy.

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In the renovation, this front is fully enclosed, and is a private space that can only be seen with the gates open, as here.

9 architecture

Now looking out towards the street a private wall and gate blocks the street view, creating a second courtyard in front of the house.

Wallflower has come up with a very brilliant solution for a very difficult site.

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