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Big Concrete for an Art Gallery/Home

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From Brazil’s Humberto Hermeto Arquitetura comes this very interesting use of vast empty spaces to frame sky views in concrete. Casa JE is a live-work art gallery/home gloriously sited with prominent views  in Nova Lima, Brazil.

Casa JE architecture

Set on two floors, the house gracefully houses a combination of functions in a live-work arrangement. Above, it is a home and below: a very large art gallery, which is both for the pleasure of the art-collector owner, but also serves as a place of business.

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(Or the huge art gallery below is merely a tax dodge!)
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But anyway, seen as art, it succeeds. Both upstairs and downstairs access the big sky views. The vast business section gallery spaces are centrally located on the ground floor.

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In pride of place upstairs is the lavish private living space for the client’s family.

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The family space accesses a large pool on the upper living deck, above the art gallery.
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Sunsets advance into the vast family spaces upstairs as if crossing land at ground level, rather than across a horizon’s-span of smooth white concrete, above the commercial space downstairs.

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Here, the family enjoys the good life, above the family shop.

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Although the family space is above the gallery and the business being conducted downstairs, this vast space could not be more relaxing and private.

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But art business visitors to the gallery space underneath would assume that the upstairs is gallery-related office space, albeit rather imposing and elaborate. But perhaps that helps the business. The art business can be a pricey one, and appearances matter. If its a tax dodge, it’s one that works!

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  1. NicoYektai Says:

    I have been very into concrete in the last few years. This is a great use of the material and I would love to see my work in there!

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