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Blue Heaven

racha1 architecture
Joyous turquoise ocean and white sand makes the perfect setting for the Racha, a small eco-luxe hotel on a tiny island South of Phuket in Thailand. Instead of a giant  building, less intrusive small villas dot the grounds.
racha2 architecture
The resort is entirely constructed of whitewashed concrete, set off with heavy teak accents framing doorways and some of the windows.
racha3 architecture
But on some of the villas, window openings are simply carved out of the whitewashed concrete cubes with no wood framing at all, just bamboo shutters. Eco-chic simplicity.
racha4 architecture
The pared-down design flows seamlessly inside to make peaceful sleeping rooms in the serene villas.
racha5 architecture
The same whitewashed concrete has been shaped up from the whitewashed concrete floor to create the platforms for the beds in the clutter-free cool interiors.
racha6 architecture
The bathroom too is shaped from the same whitewashed concrete shapes. All very zen.
racha7 architecture
The Racha works with the Reef Ball Foundation to restore and preserve the sea’s natural environment.
racha8 architecture
To minimize land disturbance, the villas were scattered about the site, rather than build one monolithic hotel.
racha9 architecture
Each of the villas has been carefully located on site in such a way as not to disturb a single tree.
racha10 architecture
Thailand’s Racha is pretty remote. A little piece of heaven.

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