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Casa Entre la Cuidad Carves Out an Existence in the City

casa entre la cuidad4 architecture
I know from experience that it can be quite a challenge to carve out a home from inside of the urban structure already forming the big cities of the world.

casa entre la cuidad6 architecture
In Casa Entre La Cuidad, (“a home from “between” the city”) Fran Silvestre Arquitectos attempts to build a family home for a professional couple and their three children from inside the walls already created, in the city of Valerio, in Spain.
casa entre la cuidad7 architecture
The original plan housed several apartments centered around a utility elevator and stairwell core with an awkward curved edge that must be retained – it is covered in the deep teak curved shelving seen above.

casa entre la cuidad1 architecture
The architects remodel it in such a way as to grab every last bit of light form the far end of the building, by opening up the big window end.
casa entre la cuidad3 architecture
The precious light is funneled through the master bedroom at the front; deep into the master bathroom inside the building.

casa entre la cuidad2 architecture
It is a problem familiar to anyone who has attempted to build living space in a deep city loft, that has windows only at the front.

casa entre la cuidad5 architecture
Like the bathroom, the kitchen must make do with borrowed daylight from the living room in front.

casa entre la cuidad8 architecture
The curve of the original central core must stay.

casa entre la cuidad9 architecture
Three children obediently buckle down to homework in the three back bedrooms opening onto no views. My sense is that these are three children who wear school uniforms, of whom much is expected: the home is all about discipline and orderliness.
casa entre la cuidad10 architecture
Do they sneak into the kitchen (remember, it’s at their end of the home, far from their parents) and make a surreptitious peanut butter and jelly snack at midnight?

casa entre la cuidad11 architecture
We’ll never know. But we can surmise that if they work hard, when they reach adulthood, they will then be able to afford to carve out their own future home just as austerely built into the city as their parents did before them.

Architects: Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

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3 Comments so far to “Casa Entre la Cuidad Carves Out an Existence in the City”
  1. Connie Says:

    I found this house gorgeous, though all that order and cleanness (so peacefull for my mind…) seems a little sad for the children. I can´t but think of their beautiful bedrooms WITHOUT a view and sigh…oh, well. By the way, I don´t know if you mispelled it or it was just that way when you found it, but the correct name would be "Casa en la ciudad"
    Your job is terrific, I follow you guys on Google Reader so I won´t miss one post. Cheers!

  2. Casa Entre la Cuidad | External Brain Says:

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  3. Susan Kraemer Says:

    Thanks, that's great! Yeah, me too, I felt that this is a design for some rather strict parents of extremely subdued kids.

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