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Casa Kona from Legorreta + Legorreta

kona9 architecture
According to the architect, the solidity and grandeur of Casa Kona was conceived over a dinner, and provided an opportunity to create a home for art for a perfectionist and discriminating client.

kona6 architecture

The American couple who commissioned it had fallen in love with the contemporary work of Mexican architecture firm Legorreta + Legorreta.

kona3 architecture

I can understand that.

The result has something of the playful and gorgeous use of color and shape in stucco seen in work that we covered last year: a true masterpiece in the Legorreta + Legorreta SotoGrande.

kona11 architecture

The shapes in the Casa Kona are bold and imbued with rich color.

kona10 architecture

But for the most part, this house, for an art collecting couple in Hawaii, has none of the crazy exuberance of his Sotogrande House.

kona7 architecture

What it has instead is a classical rhythm and composure, providing a setting for the magnificent artwork and the glorious view.

kona5 architecture

While stuffed with sumptuous art treasures, the house simultaneously confronts the true edge of a vast Pacific.

kona8 architecture

In this way it straddles the world of nature and of artifice.

kona2 architecture

“There is a special satisfaction in being an accomplice to the happiness with which a pair of friends enjoy a work of architecture, a beautiful friendship which develops every day” he says.

kona4 architecture

A deeply private home, almost a fortress, in a gorgeous part of the world.

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