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Cedar Park House by Peter Cohan – where indoors and outdoors unite

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A home in the heart of a virgin forest or by a lake is without a doubt the heaven for outdoor enthusiasts. Architect Peter Cohan seems to had this in mind when creating Cedar Park House – a 5,500 sq.ft. luxury lake home in Seattle, Washington. The clean-cut, modern house is designed to bring maximum pleasure to the senses with its magnificent view over Lake Washington and the calming atmosphere of the surrounding greenery. And talking about trees and greenery – wood is preferred material in this project, as a large part of the home’s facades are made of natural cedar siding, and the interior shines with wooden floors, walls and predominantly wooden furniture. The plenty of terraces, the numerous windows and the almost invisible sliding glass doors open up the space and minimize the feeling of being indoors. Plus, the house is energy effective, as it is designed for maximum use of available daylight [via].

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