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Eastern Delights: 9 Minimalist Japanese Homes

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Modern architecture and design is all about bringing out the best with the minimal possible effort and usage of materials. Economy and beauty are the two parallel components of minimalist blueprint that most homes use today. That’s why creating a fashionable, stylish and sleek structure with a futuristic design lies both in the usage of appropriate materials and shades.

This wonderful collection of minimalist Japanese homes illustrates how creative thinking merged with revolutionary use of building techniques can give shape to soothing and spectacular abodes. Ready? Here we go …

S House

s house 1 architecture

Designed by Dutch architects from Grosfeld Van der Velde Architecten, the S House follows the box-shaped design that most modern homes seem to be adopting with ease. Located on the edge of the Asterdplas in the Hague district meadows in Breda, the simple yet elegant structure blends into the surroundings with ease.

s house 2 architecture

s house 3 architecture

The extensive use of sweeping glass windows and large spacious interiors gives it a grand and minimalist look.

No House

house n1 architecture

Located in Oyta, Japan the design of the No House is as unique as its name itself. The graceful and soothing white structure is designed like three progressive shells that are nestled inside one another, giving it a multi-layered appearance.

house n2 architecture

Designed by Sou Fujimoto Architects, the unique blueprint makes for a great natural insulation system and creates an indoor garden as well. The large windows and skylights offer plenty of natural lighting giving the No House energy saving options as well.

House by Makoto Yamaguchi Design

japan house design architecture

This ultra-modern home in Komae, Japan takes from the principle of design that states that simplicity is beauty. Designed by architects from Makoto Yamaguchi Design, the white structure is elegant, stylish and has a flowing shape to it. On the inside the simple cube takes many forms with the use of floor-to-ceiling windows which divide it into lavish rooms and sweeping corridors. But the white motif, that is the heart of the building, is kept as a running theme throughout.

House kn

house kn 1 architecture

This looks like quite a home with the way a part of the lid seems to have been blown away by a hurricane to create a lavish balcony! Designed by Kazuyasu and Mana Kochi of Kochi Architect Studio, House kn is located in Kanagawa Prefecture of Japan.

house kn 21 architecture

Elegant use of simple straight lines, shades in black white and grey along with use of sleek modern interiors make this home a minimalist’s paradise!

Sagami Bay Home

sagami bay home 1 architecture

Conjured up and constructed by the world famous Foster + Partners, this modern home takes shelter in the shadow of Mount Fiji in Kawana.

sagami bay home 2 architecture

sagami bay home 3 architecture

The structure integrates elements of modern minimalist architecture with ancient Japanese design to create a unique weekend home that allows plenty of ventilation and offers lots of interior space. Special sliding glass doors, sliding walls, translucent and opaque shades and modern materials make it an ideal retreat and a beautiful holiday hub.

Garden Sea House

garden sea house 1 architecture

Talk about going hyper-minimalist and this Japanese home built by Takao Shiotsuka which takes that concept to its hilt.

garden sea house 2 architecture

garden sea house 3 architecture

The cube-shaped structure offers a wonderful sea view, has wide floor-to-ceiling windows and seems to be a bit excessive on glass usage. And that pristine white makes it as minimalistic and elegant as a home can get You almost feel scared to set foot in this place as you might end up disturbing its sanctity!

C1 House

c1 house 1 architecture

C1 looks like a home that was built decades ahead of its time with the basic architectural design being a glass box surrounded by a walkway-gallery that connects different floor in the structure seamlessly.

c1 house 2 architecture

c1 house 3 architecture

Designed by Curiosity + Tomoyuki Ustumi and located in Tokyo, the home defines itself with the usage of the minimal possible material, spacious interiors and elegant use of wood and glass. A built-in walkway around the house acts a staircase to different levels that serve various purposes.

Dellis Cay Villas

dellis cay villas 1 architecture

Designed by Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, the two villas on the private island of Dellis Cay in the Caribbean offer stylish and sleek designs for a modern beach house.

dellis cay villas 2 architecture

dellis cay villas 3 architecture

Dubbed as Maison H and Maison S, the two villas are are somehow contrasting eachother. While Maison H is more classic and cube-styled in its structure, Maison S is more contemporary with sweeping curves. They both look amazing, isn’t it ?


ghost architecture

The last home on our journey to find the most beautiful modern minimalist homes, is Ghost. Designed by Jin Otagiri – founder of DATAR, the simple home is all about a pristine white look and clear cut lines,. Doesn’t look like anything we’ve seen before, so we’re still thinking if it’s art or architecture …

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  1. mbreti3gut Says:

    cool, Japan is very funny place to live in…

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  5. jasmine Says:

    konnichi wa….. : D

  6. Lotta Macomb Says:

    Hi there,

    So cozy. We’re building a new house. I want it to be a japanese modern minimalist – allows plenty of ventilation. Luv it.

  7. Lotta Macomb Says:

    so cozy. I want our new house to be a japanese modern minimalis – allows plenty of ventilation. Luv it.

  8. Derek Says:

    Nice examples of minimalism. Unfortunately, most Americans do not appreciate minimalism, but if done right it can be very warm and inviting architecture. As an architect, I can also attest to how difficult it is to design and detail minimal modern buildings. You have to know what you’re doing or it can look sloppy.

    For other great examples of minimalism, check out Switzerland.

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