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Das Parkhotel – hotel rooms in a park. Literally.

parkhotel1 architecture

If you love nature, but sleeping in a tent is too uncivilized and you prefer a hotel room, maybe there is something you would like to try. Well, sleeping in a recycled concrete pipe may sound a bit weird, but you must admit it’s quite intriguing.The Das Parkhotel project, created by Austrian designer Andreas Strauss, started in 2005 and is both effective and cheap. Each repurposed pipe is a single room with a double bed, storage space, light, power, woolly blanket and light cotton sleeping bag. Toilets and showers can be found in the surrounding public space. You can stay at this unique hotel all summer long – from May through October and experience accommodation like never before.

parkhotel2 architecture

parkhotel32 architecture

parkhotel4 architecture

photos: Andreas Strauss` photostream

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