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Does This Seaside House Resolve the Site’s Challenges?

RodríguezHarveyHouse12 architecture
The Rodriguez Hardy House by Niccolas Roi looks warm and inviting at dusk. But it faces some challenges with light and warmth, due to the site.

RodríguezHarveyHouse2 architecture
Located on the bracing sea coast of Chile, in a spot with a strong cold South-East wind, this family vacation home is tucked into a rocky outcropping above a beach with ocean views in the opposite direction from the sun, across the ocean.

RodríguezHarveyHouse4 architecture
This has made for some adjustments in design, since the ocean views are not towards the sun, but away from it, towards the South West. The sunlight must be able to come into the back of the house, from the North. (Chile, in the Southern Hemisphere, gets sun from the North)

RodríguezHarveyHouse3 architecture

You enter the house from the beach side, facing away from the ocean view.

RodríguezHarveyHouse5 architecture
The entire house, both inside and out, is pine. On the outside, it is stained dark, echoing the mournful and bracing quality of the site.

RodríguezHarveyHouse7 architecture
Wide beams on the terrace outside the living room slow the cold South Easterly wind.

RodríguezHarveyHouse9 architecture
Inside, the pine is left its natural color, so it is warm and inviting inside.

RodríguezHarveyHouse10 architecture
The high clerestory windows bring a little sunshine to the living room.

RodríguezHarveyHouse11 architecture

Facing the ocean, next to the living room, are the master bedroom and the childrens bedroom.

RodríguezHarveyHouse8 architecture
A sweet solution.

Via Plataforma Arquitectura

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