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Elegant and Hip Casa El Tiemblo Shipping Container Home

Casa El Tiemblo9 architecture

Designed by James & Mau Arquitectura, the very hip Casa El Tiemblo is made of four 40-foot long containers that have been painted a cheerful shade of blue.

casa tiemblo5 architecture

The hip elegance comes from the very simplicity of the design.

Casa El Tiemblo7 architecture

The house is constructed in the most straightforward way, by placing two eight foot wide containers adjacent to each other, to make one room that is 40 feet long and 16 feet wide. Repeated on top.

Casa El Tiemblo8 architecture

The ground floor flows loft-like from living, through dining to the kitchen in the back.

Casa El Tiemblo10 architecture

Although the kitchen at the far end looks out across the full 40-foot length of the container, its workspace is a small and galley-style.

casa el tiemblo11 architecture

On the ground floor, because the space is open along the side and not only the ceiling but also the wooden floor has been painted white, it is light-filled and airy.

Casa El Tiemblo1 architecture

Upstairs, by contrast, throughout the bedrooms and bathrooms, the floor is painted a glossy and sophisticated black, giving the sleeping areas a sophisticated and sensuous mood of privacy and repose.

Casa El Tiemblo2 architecture

You don’t see so many shipping container buildings these days, since the revelations about the toxicity of the marine paints used on them (to survive sea spray) cooled the love affair with the eco rehab of shipping containers.

Casa El Tiemblo3 architecture

But if they are professionally sealed up completely inside – and with adequate ventilation bringing in fresh air from outside -the harmful toxicity is kept separate.

Casa El Tiemblo4 architecture

In this spacious and unfussy house, this has been successful.

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