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Elegant Minimalism of the Sustainable Bridge House

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123DV designed the Bridge House in Achterhoek, in the Netherlands, named for the way it straddles the space between two hills like a bridge.

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The design follows the traditions of a Dutch terp dwelling, of a house set on a hill with the cellar below.

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Underfloor radiant heating keeps the home temperate year round.

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The architects provide a citified gallery-like setting for the owner’s extensive art collection.

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The gallery-like space is incongruously set in amongst balmy rolling green hills.

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Marble flooring creates a reserved setting for the home’s art works basking in the bland light.

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Skylights bathe the elegant stone interior with an austere light from above.

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A contrasting black stone floor is used for the work areas of the house.

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Even the pared-down bathroom with its pure oval tub and stone floor is a meditative and calm space.

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The entire front of the house is fully glazed with Heat Mirror Glass; cooling the house and keeping out excess heat.

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In addition to its insulating windows and underfloor heating and cooling, the house is completely self-sufficient, with solar panels providing electricity,  and rainwater collection tanks catching its water supply.

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