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Five Franklin Place

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We are sure that soon that address will spark “Oohs and Aahhs” of intrigue. One look, and the phrase “Welcome home to modern style and luxury” came to our minds. This building has it all and most importantly the most sought after location, the Tribeca historic district in New York. Construction has already begun to build the 20-story architecturally noted building. Characterized by a multitude of exterior wrapping metal bands, Five Franklin Place will be home to over 55 apartments, ranging in size from 1200-3400 square feet. One thing’s for sure, you could easily tell someone where you live, “it’s the banded building, literally”, believe us, they’ll know it when they see it Winking.

five franklin place architecture

Designed by Dutch architect, Ben van Berkel of UNStudio, this will be the company’s first major American Project. The stunning bands offer more than just unique architecture they function to insure a level of privacy, and creates balconies and terraces respectively for the tenants. The interior of this building will be equally as glamorous as the exterior, with B&B Italia having it’s hand in manufacturing fixtures for kitchen and bath. Read more about how this building came to be and all the luxuries they have in plan at Dezeen.


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  1. the schellerscreen blog Says:

    <strong>Five Franklin Place…</strong>

    Now that’s one superb place.

    Five Franklin Place in the Tribeca historic district in New York.

    Much more info here, via.

  2. paresh Says:

    great architecture.

  3. john Says:

    because of the grasses at the top the whole tower looks like a big stone

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