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Floating Pavilion Guest House Suggests Monet Painting

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Wirra Willa is a tiny pavilion guest house that seems to float on the lily pond, creating a scene straight from a Monet painting.

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The tranquil guest house was designed for his father by architect Mathew Woodward in New South Wales, Australia, on an 80-acre former citrus fruit orchard.

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It comprises simply a bedroom at one end, a living room at the other.

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On cold winter nights, the living room offers a toasty fire.

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But the living room floor can slide back and now it is a hot tub room that contrasts its heat with the cold lily pond outside.

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All of the glazing supporting the roof disappears, leaving just a bedroom curtain to appear as the major structural element.

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A breeze catching and gently swaying the curtain becomes part of the architectural design.

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During the day this curtain is slid to the central passageway between the bedroom and the living room over the pond.

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Woodward designed the space as an homage, echoing the Mies van der Rohe ‘floating’ Fansworth House.

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The style of the small structure complements the existing larger residence in place, but pared down to the essentials for peaceful living.

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A walk-in shower is little more than a passageway – that also overlooks the lily pond.

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A lovely space that encourages reflection and repose.

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