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Foster+Partners’ Brand New Apartment Building

fosterapartments thealeph1 architecture

In the docklands of Buenos Aries a new apartment building is catching the wandering eyes of many a passer by.

The Aleph luxury residence is a new venture between architects Foster+Partners and Argentinian entrepreneur Alan Faena. The design of the building and the interiors of the apartment ooze that famous Foster style and are finished to absolute perfection.fosterapartments thealeph2 architecture

The inspiration for the design of the apartments comes straight from the traditional Buenosairean houses known locally as “casa chorizo”.

Foster has captured all the characteristics of these old-fashioned homes and then adapted them to fit into a modern style aesthetic.

For example one of things all casa chorizo have in common is a courtyard and open terrace.

fosterapartments thealeph3 architecture

In The Aleph development these inspirations have been included in the apartments in the form of double height balconies and an ‘external room’ instead of an old style courtyard.

The building contains 57 separate apartments all coming with Foster purpose designed kitchens and bathrooms. Who wouldn’t want to be living in that kind of place?!

fosterapartments thealeph4 architecture

To access the building you must go via the green garden area at the centre of the block and then take one of many lifts to your chosen floor.

The building is not yet completed, although a swimming pool on the roof has always been part of the plans.

At the moment the apartment block is due for completion in 2010.

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3 Comments so far to “Foster+Partners’ Brand New Apartment Building”
  1. BlueBrat Says:

    Wow the height of the rooms is just awesome. I lived in some high-ceiling apartments / renovated warehouse places in my time but nothing with that much height. It will be loud/noisy. :)

  2. Daphne Evers Says:

    where is the location of this place. Thanks Daphne

  3. eknightsbridge Says:

    Hi Daphne, This building is in the Argentinean capital city of Buenos Aires in the area by the docklands.

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