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Friendly California Beach House for an Extended Family

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The luxurious Strand Residence in coastal California has an abundance of places to relax and enjoy the wide open spaces.

The architects brief was for a relaxed and easy seaside house, a family center where they could chill out with an extended family of visiting grandparents and their childrens’ friends.

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Horst Architects have created a very glossy and sleek seaside beauty that has received this year’s AIA award.

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The generous and casual beach house is all about water, reflected in glass, mirroring the surface of the distant Pacific ocean.
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Square slabs form stepping stones over the square slab of the glorious blue water claimed by the cube of blue glass.

To the left, stairs descend next to the glassed-in pool.

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Even in the lower level, the house celebrates the good life in fine Southern California style, with hints of Hollywood.

Every space delivers in depth ocean views and reflecting ponds at every level.

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Surfaces throughout are smooth and glossy, creating the sense of the nearby mirror-like surface of the ocean.

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It is an airy, sky-filled house with a gracious but cheerful kind of luxuriousness.

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The kids rooms have no-nonsense anti-allergenic lacquered built-in furniture.

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There are several master bedroom suites, to accommodate guests.

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The interplay of light, materials and composition contribute to a sense of the proximity of the ocean in this very pleasant house.

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