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Futuristic PACO: Small home packs a powerful punch

futuristic paco 1 architecture

On a first look, one would be convinced that PACO is some sot of discarded industrial product that came out defective. But the all-white tiny little structure that only measures three square meters, is a complete home in itself. PACO seems as bare on the inside as it is on the outside, but with turn of knobs, switches and hanging of a few pins, you get a hammock to sleep in, a kitchen that springs out, a toilet inside the floor and even a dining table that pops up. Available in 4 versions with prices ranging from 4,200,000 yen to 6,300,000 yen ($46,000 to $69,000), the house also features a bunch of green concepts that include LED lights, a sliding roof, solar and wind energy. Quite amazing, isn’t it?

futuristic paco 2 architecture

futuristic paco 5 architecture

futuristic paco 6 architecture

futuristic paco 7 architecture

futuristic paco 8 architecture

futuristic paco 9 architecture

futuristic paco 10 architecture

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4 Comments so far to “Futuristic PACO: Small home packs a powerful punch”
  1. Pablo Says:

    Very light and simple concept . I like it

  2. Leo Freeman Says:

    Wouldn’t work Down here…, all the surfies would dump it full of their empty beer cans

  3. bwolper Says:

    I think not!

  4. UK Shop fitters Says:

    This house is lovely, its got a very simple design

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