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“Glacier” Prefab House by Method Homes

Method1 architecture

Method Homes has a down-to-earth, contemporary design sensibility that informs their straightforward prefab homes.

Method2 architecture
Each uses locally grown and produced building materials such as certified Douglas fir framing material and reclaimed fir trim and cedar siding on the outside. Because the sample home here is built in a flood plain, it is set on an unusually tall foundation, with a through way for flood water between the two sections of the house…

Method6 architecture
…and abundant solar-friendly space on the generous cantilevered roof area provides the option for solar electricity to power the home’s lighting and electricity needs.

Method3 architecture

The Glacier home features bamboo and cork floors, energy-efficient lighting and plumbing fixtures, hydronic radiant heating, whole-house ventilation systems, solar options and enhanced insulation applications.

Method5 architecture
Principal Architect Tom Lenchek says: “We design for sustainability and energy efficiency, balancing the desire for an architecturally sophisticated home.”

Method7 architecture
And by building indoors, in a factory, in the rain-drenched Pacific Northwest, they not only guarantee regular work weeks for construction crews – because it never rains indoors…

Method4 architecture

…but they also cut down on trips made to the site by delivery vehicles and subcontractors, thus minimizing the damage to roads from months of heavy vehicles going back and forth.

They hope to prefab their homes starting at $148,000 for about 900 sq ft. This first sample is for sale at just over $500,000 – on this site.

Source: Method Blog

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