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Goodbye Gorgeous Glide House…Hello New Shoots

Glidehouse2 architecture

Michelle Kaufmann Designs made the most gorgeous prefab houses. Each one was solar ready with other renewable energy system options possible such as geothermal, wind generator or hybrid systems. Each of her designs encouraged clean simple living and each was built in a factory, using the most modern and environmentally friendly building methods and materials.

Glidehouse1 architecture

The gorgeous Glidehouse was  an example. Mass-produced, planet friendly, low carbon prefab design we all could relate to.

Glidehouse3 architecture
It was nationally recognized as a contemporary, sustainable residence, setting the standard for pre-fabricated architecture. From design to construction, these high quality prefab homes were designed to harmonize with nature for clean, green, healthy living and to stand the test of time. The Glidehouse home proved that a low maintenance, sustainable residence can be high-quality, well designed, and cost effective.

Glidehouse4 architecture

Sadly, all that’s not enough. Her company Michelle Kaufmann Designs folded a few months ago after the economic apocalypse.

But creativity just pops up again. Here’s a few pieces from a set of building blocks she’s just created for her friend’s new son:

chair architecture
They just happen to build a toddler-sized chair… and many other things. As she says on her blog, building blocks were her favorite toy as a child.

Creativity never dies. These are the new shoots of something yet to come.

Via Michelle Kaufmann’s blog

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