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Gorgeous Custom Greenpods Respect the Environment

Greenpod7 architecture
The design of the  GreenPod custom modular home is informed by a comprehensive checklist for sustainability and health put together by GreenPod’s Architectural and Interior Designer Ann Raab.

Greenpod1 architecture

To maximize interior comfort, design for Energy Efficiency

  • fully insulate headers, corners and wall intersections
  • use advanced wall framing, 24 inch on center with double to plate
  • sun-temper design – optimizing solar gain through windows
  • optimize solar gain with thermal mass – insulate concrete slab
  • passive solar design – southern orientation with internal thermal mass
  • provide exterior shading devices – trellis, trees
  • use timers for fans and programmable thermostat
  • use heat recovery ventilator, geothermal passive ground heat exchange
  • on demand water heater or hot water recirculation pump with insulated pipes
  • provide clerestory and skylights for natural lighting
  • solar hot water heating and urban (grid-connected) solar power for electricity
  • use wind, micro-hydro,  or other site-generated renewable power
  • provide energy star rated heating and cooling equipment
  • locate utility spaces on north side of home

Greenpod6 architecture
GreenPods homes can be mass produced.

To keep up the good work, here’s what you can do to continue to live stylishly, sustainably, and healthily once you move in: Install and use a clothesline. Install a rainwater collection system, a compost bin, a vegetable plot, use low water landscaping: native plants, use compact fluorescent lighting or LEDs.

trans architecture

Greenpod5 architecture
Or, radically reduce your land footprint altogether…just float away in your dream home.

Source: Greenpod

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