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Guz Architects Create a Soaring Roof for Rattan House

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Under a soaring wooden ceiling, an extraordinary hardwood staircase is the big feature in a new house from Guz Architects in Singapore.

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Like many houses in the sultry tropical climate, the Rattan House is designed to maximize natural ventilation.

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A highly polished tropical hardwood ceiling and wooden shutter doors gives a colonial feel to the shaded and water-cooled entry.

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Stepping stones in cool black stone skim across a koi pond courtyard.

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An angled wall of rattan allows for knickknack displays while allowing the free flow of air along a walkway to a private office.

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This upstairs walkway offers an incredible grandstand seating view overlooking a magnificent, spacious garden.

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A filmy rattan screen is slung between the rhythmic march of white pillars

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Private bedrooms and bathrooms are arrayed along the upper level, up the astounding staircase.

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What a truly stunning atrium space.

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