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Gypsy House by Craig Steely – wooden masterpiece in the hills

hillhouse1 architecture

Gypsy House by architect Craig Steely proves that when it comes to homes surrounded by wild nature there is no better choice than wood. Sitting on a steep slope in the hills of Berkeley, California, this contemporary home fits perfectly into the picturesque landscape.  The sleek modern look meets the warm elegance of wood to create a truly charming house, half buried into the hillside, half facing the valley. Extensive windows allow sunlight to perfectly light up and highlight the interior, mostly made by wood as well. Other distinguishing features of the house is the beautiful wood-and-glass staircase leading to the second story, which bathes in light thanks to the skylight ceiling.

hillhouse2 architecture

hillhouse3 architecture

hillhouse4 architecture

hillhouse5 architecture

hillhouse6 architecture

hillhouse7 architecture

hillhouse8 architecture

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2 Comments so far to “Gypsy House by Craig Steely – wooden masterpiece in the hills”
  1. Patrice Says:

    That wooden house at the hilltop looks very elegant. Nice post!

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