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Historic Winery becomes Elegant Boutique Hotel

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On the Ionian coast of Sicily, Italian architect Antonio Iraci has led an elegant renovation of and addition to an old winery, converting it to the Zash Country Boutique Hotel.

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The barrel vaulted windows of the original winery blend seamlessly with the elegant new interiors.

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The renovation does not sacrifice its uncompromising elegance for the charm of the old.

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Some of the renovated guest rooms are in the converted winery – with its high ceilings and vaulted passageways.

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Two are set in the beautiful citrus garden, and fully glazed to make it seem as if you are sleeping outdoors.

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The public rooms are accessible to both.

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The elegant renovation was awarded the Ischia International Architecture Award, that celebrates quality in hospitality and is assigned for excellence in architecture.

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Zash Country Boutique Hotel is now a sophisticated retreat.

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The luxury hotel is set in richest and most fascinating countryside of all Italy.

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Mirrors are used above an outdoor sink to reflect the garden surroundings.

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Abundant sources of low slung lighting creates a deep sense of peace in the guest rooms.

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The setting is redolent of the historic importance of this seaside region on the coast of Sicily.

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A mirrored column in the corner of the guest room brings in some of the surrounding citrus groves the region is famous for.

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Some of the guest rooms are set deep in the former cellar of the winery and the all-white interior imparts a sense of deep repose.

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For those who love design, a sophisticated ambiance and attention to detail, the high class hotel – immersed in the scents and colors of the vast surrounding citrus groves – is now an elegant seaside destination on the coast of Sicily.

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