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Industrial Chic Design Office in São Paulo

casa rex6 architecture

Architects FGMF Arquitetos have created a combination gallery and design office for Casa REX, an important Brazilian design office.

casa rex8 architecture

The building was originally a residence built in the 1940’s.

Its bones are laid open in a kind of “architectural archaeology.”

casa rex3 architecture

On a tight budget, the architects reused construction rubble in negative marked pathways.

casa rex9 architecture

Within the gritty dusty rubble of the demolition, pure, clean, smooth, white paths lead to the meeting rooms and design offices.

casa rex1 architecture

Extensive demolition gutted most of the second floor over the reception area.

casa rex7 architecture

Smooth white walkways form a sensuous textural contrast with the gravel from the demolition.

casa rex11 architecture

Now smooth new white stairs overlaid onto the ancient structure both anchor and reinforce the old stair.

casa rex10 architecture

From a walkway at the top of these stairs you descend into the two story design office.

casa rex13 architecture

The walkway connects directly to the CEO’s office, overlooking the two story tall space that houses the design crew.

casa rex4 architecture

The studio is an open space where everybody works together.

casa rex12 architecture

This is a soaring space shared by an poetic array of lights suggesting a flight of birds.

casa rex2 architecture

The stair units themselves look just as mass-produced as the pre-shaped concrete water channels, here composing an industrial chic bookcase wall.

casa rex14 architecture

Similarly, the exterior uses gabion walls involving contrasting red and grey stone, arranged for graphic interest.

casa rex5 architecture

The rebar from within the walls is exposed to create a screen.

Heavy building materials creates a unique space, very different from the existing offices.

A very different space for an unusual company.

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