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Japanese Master Architect Tadeo Ando + Water

ando17 architecture

Much has been written about the great Japanese architect Tadeo Ando. But I just noticed how very much his work seems to involve the inclusion of acceptance of the cold and wet experience of water.

ando12 architecture

He brings water into architecture as an aesthetic element, just like other architects use light and volume.

ando15 architecture

The central courtyards of Tadeo Ando houses have been situated so that inhabitants need to walk outside to walk between rooms of the house.

ando16 architecture

It can rain (or snow) within this central stairway connecting rooms under an open coutyard at the heart of the Azuma House.

Ando10 architecture

The residents say they don’t mind carrying an umbrella or even actually getting wet.

ando3 architecture

In his Church on the Water in Hokkaido, Ando treats a nearby lake, and the forest rimming it, as part of the church interior.

ando2 architecture

Water is almost a “carpet” extending out from the floor. Shelter is not seen as protection from water.

ando1 architecture

Romantic and mysterious, the church is a popular wedding spot for young Japanese couples.

ando18 architecture

For his Water Temple, built far away in a small town in the isolated northern part of Awajishima Island, he incorporates a traditional circle shaped lotus pool.

ando13 architecture

But the water forms the roof of the temple, and to enter the temple, you descend “into” the lotus pool.

ando14 architecture

If water is used as a carpet in the Hokkaido Church on the Water, in the Water Temple water has become the roof.

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