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Jardin Del Sol Residence: A Spanish home with a drop-dead view

jardin del sol 1 architecture

Located on top of a 300 meter cliff in Tenerife of the Canary Islands in Spain, this modern residence offers arguably one the most (if not the most) spectacular view a home can provide on this planet. Overlooking a vast 1000 meter-long black sand beach and the beautiful Atlantic, the glass and concrete home creates a visual splendor that offers you the sky and the ocean on its expansive outdoor patio. Brilliant sunsets and a great view of the horizon along with an illusion that makes you believe that the ocean is at your feet, makes you wonder if you can ever catch some sleep here. Close your eyes and you might miss a magic moment … [via Trendir]

jardin del sol 2 architecture

jardin del sol 3 architecture

jardin del sol 4 architecture

jardin del sol 5 architecture

jardin del sol 6 architecture

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