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K2LD and The House At Astrid Hill

k2ldhouse at astrid hill1 architecture

K2LD is a great independent architecture company that have some real treasures in their design portfolio.

K2LD have their own philosophy when it comes to designing buildings. They call it the Sensibility Of Architecture and this is what their website says about it;

“The senses mold the intricate relationship between time, light and materials to allow spatial freedom that is beautiful in ti’s myriad of expressions.

Taming these exciting relationships materializes in an architectural experience. The Sensibilities of Architecture advocates an understanding of the ways the natural beauty of materials can be brought out in construction,enhancing the imaginative appreciation of the way in which materials play an integral part in design.

We believe design emerges form intensive dialogue with the clients and sensitive study of the site and the client’s brief. We strive to investigate design solutions inline with current developments in architectural technologies and expressions, while capturing space and light in tangible form and to give a meaning to architecture.”

That’s enough of the company’s philosophy, lets take a look at one of their projects!

This is called “House at Astrid Hill”.

One of most appealing features of the house is this swimming pool and courtyard below. From this picture you can see all the clean lines and linear graphic forms that the architects have incorporated into the design of the house. Plus the oversized bricks add a quirky feel and some added texture too.

k2ldhouse at astrid hill2 architecture

The same linear design theme has been extended trough the interior and furniture as well as the facade of the house. It is clear that much of the focus for the architects was put into making the space both light and airy. This has mainly been achieved by using large windows and glass doors and also by using white on most walls.

k2ldhouse at astrid hill3 architecturek2ldhouse at astrid hill4 architecture

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  1. House at Astrid Hill by K2LD | StyleCrave | The Lifestyle Guide for the Modern Man. Says:

    […] Recreating a beautiful natural scenery, with exquisite looks, elegant shapes, clean lines, beautiful lighting and modern furniture, the House at Astrid Hill defines really well, the term ‘dream home’. Designed by the Aussies from K2LD, the most special thing of the house is the stunning interior courtyard and the swimming pool. Using large windows to promote open spaces, concrete textures on the facade and with an amazing driveway for your expensive rides, the House at Astrid Hill looks like an amazing job that only the rich can afford. [via HomeDesignFind] […]

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