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Kindergarten Kids Enjoy a Funhouse Mirror Playground Building

Mirror House 2 architecture

Mirror House at the Common, an Interactive Playground Project in Copenhagen from Danish architects MLRP is an ingenious and magical retrofit.

Mirror House 3 architecture

A simple and economical re-cladding has engineered a transformation of a formerly boring and depressing building into a fun place on the playground; the Mirror House.

The existing playground structure was a mundane and necessary building housing bathrooms for the kindergarden classes, as well as an all-purpose room. But graffiti-plagued, anonymous and sad, it was in need of an overhaul.

Mirror House 0 architecture

The transformation has made a simple building into an inviting and ever-changing visual extravaganza that is bound to spark young imaginations.

Mirror House 7 architecture

The pavilion was clad in charred timber on both of the sides, and with polished steel on each end, creating distorting funhouse mirrors that offer an amusing commentary on the children as they pass by. The new roof is steel.

Mirror House 1 architecture

Now, when the building is open, the children enjoy seeing themselves transformed into exaggerated monsters in the mirrors.

As well as a mirrored end of the building, the doors on the timber sides have convex and concave mirrors mounted onto the backs , so that when the building is open, during the day, it creates an outdoor hall of mirrors for these doors.

Mirror House 5 architecture

At night the shutters are closed, making the building anonymous. Windows and doors are integrated in the wood-clad facade behind facade shutters with varied bent mirror panel effects.

Mirror House 6 architecture

The building serves a mundane need. It houses a community room for varied uses as well as restrooms used by kindergarten classes.

Mirror House 8 architecture

The mirrored gables reflects the surrounding park, playground and the children’s activity, creating a nearly magical dialogue between the built and natural.

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  1. Richard Says:

    the owner must really love picking up dead or injured birds that crash into this fancy mirror at full speed. hopefully he doesn't have to do the same with the children :-p

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