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Landfall Brings a Quirky New Take on the Rain Screen

Landfall3 architecture

Landfall is an updating of an old mid century home that makes for a sophisticated and quirky design update from the always original and quirky Bates and Masi.

The two could not be more different. Bates is a Southerner in his eighties who studied under Frank Lloyd Wright, and Masi who grew up the child of a couple of artists, was fresh out of Harvard grad school when the two got together. But they share a lighthearted approach to architecture.

Landfall1 architecture
Their use of these copper tubes throughout, designed to acquire the patina of age – is a very new way to make the now familiar rain screen.

As in their other remodel we featured recently here, the aging process of the rain screen skin is built in to the design.

Landfall2 architecture
The remodel updates the mid-century home with the copper rain screening across two sides of it.
Landfall6 architecture
Part of the renovation brings an upstairs deck, a screened porch.

Landfall4 architecture

From the street, the view is completely blocked by the screen.
Landfall5 architecture
It makes a home of dappled shaded-ness that would feel like living in a forest glade.

Their work combines the peace and charm of gently aging Southern architecture from the rigorously Wright-trained Southern gentleman – with the brash sophistication of Gen-X design from his young partner, who was the son of artists.

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