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M11 House: Warm and Unpretentious Minimalism in Vietnam

M11 House 1 architecture
A21 Studio in Vietnam has a bold approach to minimal design. Their rock office is an example of the down-to-earth yet completely out of the box thinking that goes into their work.
M11 House 2 architecture
Their new work, the M11 House is a residential home in Thu Duc, Vietnam, is designed to bring peace to a weary commuter.
M11 House 3 architecture

A central courtyard adds space and “outdoors”  in the middle of the house. The view outside is deceptively large…
M11 House 6 architecture
…viewed from the other side of the kitchen, at night, you can see that the glass enclosure for the tree is small and spare. But it is enough to create a sense of a courtyard, during the day.
M11 House 4 architecture
It is created by a light well. At the center of the house, a large glass roof skylight creates a central light well that pulls daylight down all three floors.
M11 House 5 architecture
Likewise, the sense from the bathroom, at the top of the house, is that space is unlimited.
M11 House 7 architecture
It seems that the garden is everywhere. The slab of stone separating the shower enclosure is elegantly simple.
M11 House 8 architecture
From outside on the terrace, looking in to the bathroom, this becomes a meditative space.

M11 House 11 architecture
A floor down from the bathroom, the bedroom is equally minimal, but not harshly so. Wood and stone throughout warm the house with natural materials.

M11 House 10 architecture
Behind the bathroom, separated only by this screen of cedar sticks, a gym area occupies the back of the top floor.
M11 House 12 architecture
The light well cascades light down the central stairwell. Enough light is left to reach the bottom floor where the tree grows in the dining room, appearing as if it is outside the kitchen.
M11 House 9 architecture

Although extremely minimal, the house is not didactic. It is just sweet and relaxed.

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  1. Nina Says:

    Beautiful house and would have never guessed it was in Vietnam. Great photos of the house too.

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